Heavy Construction Equipment: Repair, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Heavy Construction Equipment: Repair, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Top Tips When Buying Used Forklifts

by Clifton Barnes

Small businesses in the construction and transport industry may not have sufficient resources to purchase new equipment. Therefore, most companies opt to buy used plant equipment. The excerpt below discusses the various considerations you should make when purchasing a used forklift.


Before buying the forklift, conduct some research to determine which manufacturers make durable forklifts. Online plant equipment forums are a good source of such information. You also need to know the problems that the used forklift may develop. Another concern should be the availability of spare parts and repair shops in your area.

Intended use. 

The forklift you purchase must be suitable for its intended use. Below are some types of forklifts. 

  • Counterbalance forklifts are designed for warehouse applications. They are small in size and can, therefore, access narrow areas.
  • Reach forklifts have an extended lift height. They are ideal if you stack items to extended heights.
  • A rough terrain forklift is suitable for outdoor use. It has large, thick tires to increase its ground clearance and enhance stability.
  • A telescopic forklift is used to raise items to great heights. It is commonly used in the agricultural and industrial sectors. 

Forklifts can be diesel, petrol or electric-powered. Inquire about the forklift's weight limits if you intend to lift heavy objects. 

Inspect the forklift. 

Below are some forklift inspection tips.

  • Check the condition of the body. Dents and signs of filler are an indication that the machine may have had an accident. Inspect the forklift's underneath for signs of damage or rust.
  • All controls must be fully functional.
  • Bends and cracks on the forks are an indication that the previous owner overloaded the machine.
  • The chains should be well greased. Besides, they should roll with ease.
  • The mast roller should be round in shape. If it is deformed, you may have trouble when raising and lowering the forks. 

Service report. 

Ask the seller to give you the equipment's service records. Do not purchase the forklift if the previous owner did not observe service intervals. Besides, ask for a forklift inspection report that will inform you what parts require urgent replacement. 


Reputable dealers will offer a guarantee or warranty on the used forklift. Such incentives can significantly improve the buyer's confidence. Some provide after sales services, such as transport and forklift repair.

Finally, the forklift's title must be in the seller's name. Remember to ask for a discount as you purchase the equipment.

When buying a used forklift, consider reputable companies, determine a suitable forklift, inspect the condition of the machine, and ask for service records and guarantees from the seller. 


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