Heavy Construction Equipment: Repair, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Heavy Construction Equipment: Repair, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Earthmoving Hire—Various Applications You Could Utilise A Skid Steer Loader For

by Clifton Barnes

When deliberating on which type of earthmoving equipment to hire, chances are you are leaning toward an excavator. And although excavators can carry out multiple jobs on your site, a skid steer loader may be a better option for your needs. Skid steer loaders tend to be underrated despite the fact  that they function as a jack-of-all-trades in the earthmoving industry. These types of machinery come with a vast assortment of attachments, so they are capable of being utilised in a myriad of applications. The main thing to take note of is the size of skid loader you choose, as this will directly influence how manoeuvrable it will be on your site. However, the size does not impact how functional it would be. So what are some of the various applications that you could utilise a skid steer loader for?

Clearing of the land

Before most types of projects, whether construction or landscaping, clearance of the property has to be performed. A skid steer loader would be ideal for this task, as it is capable of eliminating tree stumps, moving large boulders and generally eliminating any obstructions that would make it difficult to develop the property. With a skid steer, you get the opportunity to level your terrain before you embark on your project.

Landscaping and hardscaping the property

Another typical application that skid loaders would be perfect for is landscaping. Whether you are looking to grow new plants or would like to construct a new driveway, kerbing, walkways and more, this piece of equipment would be great for grading your property to the extent that you want. Additionally, the skid steer can be fitted with attachments that function to dig trenches to facilitate the best drainage of your property. Skid steers can also be utilised during winter landscaping, too, as the equipment can help in snow removal on your property.

Construction on your property

People tend to assume that engaging in a construction project means hiring multiple types of equipment for the different needs the project will have. A little-known fact, though, is that a skid steer can perform the duties of several different types of machinery, which can help in reducing your earthmoving equipment costs. For instance, the skid steer loader can be utilised in transporting building supplies from one part of your property to another. Additionally, the skid loader is beneficial when trying to level the ground to erect a foundation for your structure.

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