Heavy Construction Equipment: Repair, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Heavy Construction Equipment: Repair, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Top Considerations When You're Buying Replacement Suspension Seats for Your Heavy Construction Equipment

by Clifton Barnes

Several types of heavy machines are used in the construction world. These include backhoes, cranes, dump trucks, scrapers, excavators and many others. One of the components of heavy construction machines that usually need to be replaced is the suspension seating system. 

Knowing how to choose the right replacement seats for your heavy construction machinery or equipment is key to optimising machine operation. There are a number of factors you should consider before selecting replacement suspension seats for your heavy construction machinery. Here are three critical factors that you should be sure to think through.

Health of your machine operators

Many heavy construction machines tend to generate strong vibrations when they are being operated. These vibrations may be caused by powerful, moving components and/or by rough terrains, and they can be transferred onto the body of machine operators, leading to an occupational health hazard known as Whole Body Vibrations (WBVs). When choosing replacement suspension seats for your heavy construction equipment, make sure to choose a product designed to minimise WBVs.

You might want to consider getting suspension seats with large springs so as to optimise shock absorption. The larger the springs, the more effective they will be at attenuating strong vibrations before the machine operator can even feel it. 

Safety of your machine operators

When heavy machines are being operated at a construction site, the risk that machine operators may hit something and get thrown out their seats upon impact is always present. Replacement seats for all heavy construction equipment must be equipped with seat belts to help cushion against this safety hazard. 

It is also important to ensure the seats have head restraints to help prevent serious head and neck injuries that may happen when the machine operators surge backwards because of being restrained to their seats by the seat belts.

Comfort of your machine operator

Ensuring that those operating heavy construction equipment are comfortable is also important to ensuring proper job execution. Comfortable seats reduces operator weariness, meaning that worker productivity can be greatly improved.

When you are shopping around for replacement seats for your construction equipment, consider going for products with comfort-enhancing features like thick, high-quality padding, lumbar support, and arm rests. It is also a good idea to consider getting adjustable seats so that machine operators can alter their sitting position if need be. That way, your operators won't have to work from awkward sitting positions that only cause them to quickly get exhausted.

To ensure you get tried and tested replacement suspension seats for your heavy construction equipment, make sure you make your purchases from a reputable heavy construction equipment parts dealer, such as a dealer who supplies ISRI parts.


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Heavy Construction Equipment: Repair, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

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