Heavy Construction Equipment: Repair, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Heavy Construction Equipment: Repair, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Important Aspects To Consider In Portable Line Boring Machines

by Clifton Barnes

The use of line boring machines has made onsite machining of heavy industrial equipment easier and cheaper. The construction industry is a major beneficiary of the advances in portable machinery because many development projects are in remote locations. Many repairs and maintenance tasks can be carried out with line borers in tandem with other tools on the field. When you invest in these machines, the cost and inconvenience of taking construction equipment to offsite workshops is mitigated. Here are the vital aspects that you should consider before product purchase.

Multiple Applications

Onsite machining tools are designed to complete different tasks so as to improve the efficiency and lower the investment costs in the ongoing project. The principle is the same when purchasing a line boring machine so you should ascertain that your preferred model can handle multiple applications. Some of the common uses include reboring transfer gearbox and driveshaft housing, resizing tool attachments, machining A-frame supports and facilitating king-pin assemblies. Additionally, you should ascertain that the operating diameters of the line boring equipment match the needs presented by your company. A wider range of sizes will expand the scope of machining tasks that can be accomplished.


Portable line borers are designed to function optimally in the adverse working conditions of the field. It is important to make certain that your chosen tool will not become a liability through costly and time-consuming dismantling and setup requirements. Such drawbacks may nullify the primary benefits of onsite machining, which include reduced downtime and lower cumulative charges.

Choose machines that are light and compact so that transportation, setup and disassembly will be easy and fast. Self-aligning mounts in both the external and internal sections of the machine will facilitate the efficiency of these processes. Moreover, consider purchasing boring equipment with special features such as extensive variable auto-feed capabilities and advanced helical drives to facilitate elevated torque transfer.

Tooling Options

The tooling package provided to complement the machine will determine the versatility of the borer and its general efficiency. There are standard packages provided with the purchase of the portable equipment and you can purchase more tools to augment your machining operations. Common tooling includes welder platforms, cutting tools, arm mounts and facing heads. It is important to ascertain that the chosen model is compatible with the attachment bits you acquire, as well as your needs. The variables that you should consider in tooling selection include the material to be bored, the rigidity of the machining setup and power availability.

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Heavy Construction Equipment: Repair, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

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